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    Amanda King
    August 23, 2022

    I was watching my daughter go down one of the bounce house slides, when she let out an ear piercing scream. I ran over to her and her leg was caught IN the inflatable slide due to a foot long tear (that she did not create). Her entire body was literally halfway in this tear, she was hanging sideways by her thigh screaming in pain. I even struggled as an adult to get her out of it, that's how insanely big it was. I totally understand that we sign waivers and what not, and if my child did a front flip or something crazy and caused her own injury.. but this is downright negligence. It caused an instant several inch bruised scratch on her leg and redness to her thigh.. How can you have such a beat up bounce house (which is 95% of your business) be up and running as one of your main attractions? I never thought as a customer to inspect the equipment, because shouldn't that be a basic daily task by the business? Especially with young KIDS?! This tear did not happen overnight, and even if it did, it should have been repaired prior to opening this morning. Shame on the owners of this business. I would never take a situation out like this on an employee, and she did the best she could with what she had to work with. She offered first aide and slushies. She even tried to refund my money, but was only able to do so with a gift card. Like I would EVER come back there. Do better!!

    B W
    August 13, 2021

    Had a great time, again, as this was our 3rd time there. Great place to take the little ones to get out the energy. Clean, they are constantly patrolling cleaning the facility. I don't care for their French Fries, they are the coated kind and I dislike them, however the kids loved them as they did the nuggets and pizza. Pizza is FANTASTIC! I was chatting with the owner and found out they make it fresh, it's not frozen. Some of the best pizza in the county!!

    Emily Hoch
    April 11, 2022

    Really fun, all my kids enjoyed it. There's a section just for little kids and I got a free band to bounce with my 2 year old! Staff is friendly and quick :) My only issue is that when I made them aware of a rip in a bounce house that my daughter fell through, causing her to hit the floor headfirst, no signage was put up to prevent other kids from falling or climbing on that bounce house and they seemingly had no ice packs or a first aid kit since the girl at the counter looked confused when I asked for an ice pack and had to go ask what she was supposed to give us. We ended up with a few ice cubes in a bag, which is fine, it was just a little alarming that she didn't know if she could give us an ice pack. No outside food is allowed, but my daughter has a severe soy allergy. I called ahead to ask if they had food options that were soy free - the clerk said she didn't know what soy was or if they had it in their food. So I asked if I could bring my own food and there was hesitation until I stated that if she has soy an ambulance has to be called for her and was told I had to hide it if I did. I would, and still plan to, go back but not very allergy friendly and could probably step it up in the safety department. Edit: here are images of the tear.

    Trietia Smucker
    October 03, 2022

    We had a great experience our first time coming to Bounce Kraze last year. My children wanted to come again so I looked online to see if they were open Sundays - they were! They also advertised a Sunday evening family discount - $19.95 for four jumpers from 6-8pm. We waited till 5:30pm, made the trip, got everyone out of the vehicle, etc. When I explained the deal to the cashier she said she was new and hadn’t heard of it. She asked her manager to come over. Her manager told me that it was an old deal and she thought she had taken it down. I asked if she would honor the advertised price and she said they would not. There were no other deals comparable. At this point, my kids already had bracelets on and were ready to go. I paid over twice as much as I was expecting to pay for only two hours of jump time. Really disappointed with this experience.

    Paul Kyle
    July 03, 2022

    My 4 year old daughter had a wonderful time here. The staff were very pleasant and personable too.

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