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    Brittany Selman King
    July 01, 2022

    I have thick eyebrows and I asked for a cleanup. The woman who threaded my brows made them about 1/3 of the size and clearly didn’t listen to me when I said I do not want them thin. Luckily hair grows back, but I will not be returning.

    Jennifer Setters
    March 22, 2022

    Went there 20 min before close. Thinking I had time since previous experience it only took 10 minutes at most. She legit jacked up my eyebrows and I think it was on purpose. She said she was closed and I told I’d come back another day but she said no she’d do them. I was in a rush and didn’t really get a good look until I got home. She even looked at them many times as I was paying. I think she knew. I should have trusted my instincts and looked at them again before leaving. I will never come back here again.

    Crystal Torres
    June 26, 2022

    I have no complaints about how they did my eyebrows because she slayed them but I gave 4 stars because I came today (Sunday) & online it says they open at 11am-6pm. I waited till 12:30 and they still weren’t open smh

    Alexa Prebich
    March 26, 2022

    This place is absolutely ridiculous. I’ve been coming here very regularly for over 6 months now to get my full face threading because the one girl always does an amazing job. The last few times there was a newer girl here that I got stuck with. She charged me extra because she had a “back ache” and left hair all over my face and my eyebrows. Not to mention my eyebrows looked like hell and didn’t even remotely look the same. I came back again hoping to see one of the other girls. I sat and waited for 20 minutes yesterday only for the one girl to go to lunch and leave me with the one who doesn’t know what she’s doing so I left. I came back today and my regular girl was working so I sat and waited for 20 minutes. I get in the chair telling her I wanted my full face done and she says no I’m busy so she wouldn’t do it. The last I checked I waited like everyone else and I’m a paying customer. I will not be returning here. This was the last straw. Glad I wasted my time. Wish I could give 0 stars

    Debbie Sampson
    February 17, 2020

    STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE. I would give infinity negative stars if I could!!! Of course the customer service number is an 800 number that you have to leave a voicemail that no one ever returns a call from on top of the absolute worst experience I’ve ever had. From the clearly inexperienced technician taking off half of my eyebrow on one side, to leaving the hair that should be gone, the chaffing of my skin, ripping my hair on my head, the HORRIBLE attitudes from both technicians and STILL being charged for the service. Yes it was only $11, but it’s the principle. Clearly the technician had zero skill and should NEVER do eye brows. I have visited several times before and never felt the pain like I felt with this person. My 18 year old daughter goes frequently and usually doesn’t have any issue but even she had to go home and tweeze because her eye brows were so uneven. She saw who she normally sees and the girl that has been there the longest. The same girl that gave me the most attitude and smart remarks. “Well ma’am I didn’t do your eyebrows” “well ma’am I don’t know what you looked like before” and then say mockingly say thank you and have a good day with a big smile knowing clearly I was so upset and practically tears for what her associate had done. All I can say is this place should close its doors or get different staff. Talk about a slumming scheme. NEVER EVER AGAIN!!!! Next call... State regulation agencies and the health department.

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