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    Devon Storm
    September 01, 2020

    I hadn't received chiropractic care in my adult years so becoming a new patient was somewhat daunting to me, especially during a pandemic. However, both Kristi (at the front desk) and Dr. Indriso were and remain very welcoming, professional and service-oriented each visit I make. Not to mention, the adjustments I receive from Dr. Indriso have helped me feel my best despite the many hours I sit at a desk day to day. Thank you both!

    Wilma de Soto
    July 15, 2021

    Dr. Indriso got me back on my feet and walking when I despaired of ever being able to walk without excruciating pain again. Spinal decompression has helped my Severe Spinal Stenosis, Sciatica, and Pinched Nerves SO much. He's very competent, accommodating, knowledgeable, and a joy to work with. Again, thank you for everything Dr. Indriso!

    Senn Nguyen
    September 22, 2017

    I want to share my experience with anyone who may need or is considering receiving chiropractic treatment. First, I’d like to make note for those who may have misconceptions about chiropractic medicine—that it’s not just beneficial for spinal injuries, but can also be helpful for those with constant headaches, neck pain, and upper and lower joint conditions. I’ve been sitting behind a computer desk for work for over the last 10 years—and as a result, I suffered from bad posture, which ultimately led to a severe spinal misalignment in my lower left back. It didn’t really transpire until one morning, a few months back, as I was getting ready for work, where I felt a sharp shooting pain and all of sudden my back gave out. It was hands down the worst pain I had ever experienced in my life. Luckily, I was able to find Dr. Indriso’s office only a short walking distance from my work. This was the first time I ever had to see a chiropractor and just like most people, I was a little skeptical about it, but no medicine was going to help me here so I made an appointment the same day. As I arrived to the office, I was immediately greeted by Dr. Indriso’s assistant, who honestly made me feel so much more at ease and reassured me that Dr. Indriso would take good care of me—and she was right. 30 minutes later after my adjustment, the pain on my back relieved drastically. Not only did Dr. Indriso help relieve the pain, but he was able to identify and share knowledge of some of the causes to my injury, which immediately made me make adjustments to my everyday life. I ended up seeing him for 6 weeks, about twice a week, to ensure that my back had healed properly—and to be honest, I didn’t just feel physically better, but more so mentally relaxed after my adjustments with him. Today, I continue to see him at least once a month just for the health benefits. I would recommend Dr. Indriso if you are looking for some treatment. He is really knowledgable, easy to talk to, and has always made me feel welcomed and comfortable. 5 stars!

    Ernie Tovar
    February 20, 2020

    As a professional musician, I spend a lot of time sitting down in a somewhat awkward position. Having had back pain for a number of years, I decided to finally try a chiropractor. Dr. Indriso has gone above and beyond treating and fixing my back, neck, and wrist pain. From the first appointment, he sits down with you and listens attentively to your concerns. From there on, he carefully and meticulously crafts a plan to not only to correct immediate pain, but also to prevent further pain. I am now pain free and playing the best I have in years. I am forever grateful. Thank you!

    Joseph Console
    October 11, 2019

    Dr. Indriso has treated three generations of my family since approximately 1987. First to be treated was my sister, who was suffering pain and loss of dexterity as a result of an automobile accident. No other modality, medical or otherwise, would alleviate her discomfort, much less the constraints on her day to day physical activity. Dr. Indriso and his team, upon a thorough examination and honest assessment, not only alleviated Linda’s pain, but adjusted and aligned her spine to where she was able to recover her loss of mobility, strengthen her neck and back through prescribed exercises, and support the normal alignment of her neck and back. I was next to be treated for misalignment due to years of work in the hospitality industry and new post-college career demands which required briefcases and work equipment to be carried on a daily basis. My symptoms included pain in the neck and back, noticeable differences in the length of my arms and legs, and numbness stemming from my left instep and radiating up my shin. Dr. Indriso realigned my neck, shoulders, back, and hips back to normal to alleviate the pain, imbalance, and numbness, and introduced me to how a person with normal alignment sits, stands, and feels. Dr. Indriso went on to give much needed relief to my grandparents who suffered injuries, acute skeletal wear and tear, and overall deterioration of their health due to age and the demands of their many years in the garment industry. They lived their remaining years in comfort with a significant reduction in pain and distress. My parents were still young enough to benefit not only from the alleviation of pain, but from better health in general due to newly aligned necks, backs, and hips as a direct result of Dr. Indriso’s kindness, generosity, and remarkably effective intervention. Dr. Indriso continues to treat my dad, sister, and me for relief of pain when required and more significantly longer term cervical, spinal, and overall health. It is with great admiration and esteem for Dr. Indriso, his lovely and devoted wife, Fran, and extremely adept and caring office manager, Kristi that I give this endorsement freely, neither with solicitation nor reservation. Thank you.

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